We are proud of our products, each one has a specific role and it performs great every single day. We build our products from the ground up, thinking of its purpose, functionality and design for a great user experience. At the end of the day it's what you get that counts so we are here to deliver a great product people can count on.
Programmatic technologies evolved to minimize the complexity of reaching today's highly diverse audiences. By marrying advertisers and media, programmatic has automated the manual processes that were used to segment and target audiences and sell media. Using MMG's programmatic platform, advertisers reach audiences beyond the conventional targets while reducing time to market and increasing campaign efficiencies. Similarly, Publishers are exposed to more advertisers thereby increasing fill rate and revenues.
Programmatic and data-driven advertising have been changing the face of online marketing, introducing an entire new level of efficiency, transparency and simplicity. With our machine learning mechanism, you can increase your reach, target new audiences and maximize your ROI.
Through our full-stack solution we deliver a seamless integration with a wide selection of the world's largest DSPs and Exchanges. Multiple connections to demand sources increase the opportunity to auction the highest number of ad impressions at the highest available yields.
MMG Leverages best-in-class fraud detection algorithms to screen out non-human traffic, ensuring inventory quality and optimum performance from planning to execution. MMG proactively implement proven cyber security solutions that fight fraud and raise competitiveness and profitability.
Our DMP allows you to accurately pinpoint and target the relevant campaigns to the relevant audiences. We will ensure that you are sending the right messages to the right audiences, causing increased consumer engagement, increasing conversions and getting a far higher ROI along the way.
Adcenter is a system where you can control and manage all the media channels in just one platform suxh as: Google , Facebook, Right Media ,Appnexus and more using Api Integration.
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Qualifier is a complete CRM solution which enables to get insights about online campaigns. The system shows specific details about the campaigns and their effectiveness, allowing optimization. In addition, the system offers a smart lead management control panel with advance features